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Help us establish traditions to last a lifetime! As we continue to grow as a school and community, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved and set the tone for years to come! From Spirit Weeks and Lunchtime Activities to Student Sections and Rallies, there are tons of ways to show your Toro Spirit. With 20+ Clubs and Organizations and a host of events and activities, there is something for everyone at THS. Make the most of your High School Experience and GET INVOLVED!

Torres ASB

Our Mission

Torres High School ASB is a family of student leaders whose main objective is to create memories for others.

WE Believe That…

Everyone on our campus should have a voice and it is our job to make sure their voice is heard.

WE Believe That…

School Spirit starts with us, but it is not about us. We create and bring the HYPE wherever we go.

WE Believe That…

It is our job to embrace diversity, include others, and spread love throughout campus.

We are hardworking, we are resilient, we are servant leaders, we are Toro ASB! 

2023 - 2024

ASB Officers & Commissioners

ASB President: Elijah Xyong 
ASB Vice President: Omar Alvarez 
ASB Treasurer: Aubrey Mendez 
ASB Secretary: Melanie Miranda
ASB Commissioners of Advertising: Kaypree Adams & Julissa Cendejas 
ASB Commissioners of Athletics: Gabriella Sanchez & Sarah Guillen 
ASB Commissioners of Community Service: Emmely Duque & Lily Standen 
ASB Commissioners of Fundraising: Lesslie Blanco & Madison Turner 
ASB Commissioners of Rallies: Rihanna Aguilar & Jazlene Valdez 
ASB Commissioners of Spirit and Hype: Daniela Pineda & Aidan Delacruz 
ASB Commissioners of Student/Staff Recognition: Cassandra Hernandez & Nicolle Ruiz
ASB Historian: Brian Lopez 

Class Officers


President: Eufrosina Cruz-Gonzalez 
Vice President: Marty Corona 
Secretary: Amelia Carmago
Treasurer: Jovanni Manzo
Advisors: Miss McCord and Ms. Mass

President: Kaypree Adams 
Vice President: Layla Webster 
Secretary: Lily Standen
Treasurer: Nicolle Ruiz 
Advisors: Mrs. Mejia and Ms. Salazar 

President: Mara Cervantes 
Vice President: Sophia Aguilar 
Secretary: Cassandra Hernandez 
Treasurer: Rodrigo Rincon 
Advisors: Ms. Mujica and Ms. Montoya

President: Scarlett Renwick 
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Emma Lopez 
Treasurer: Vacant
Advisors: Mrs. Schotter and Mr. Ramirez 

Bryan Speed

Activities Director

Office Location: Building C
(559) 416-5909, Ext. 43040

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