"Home of the Toros"
Zenaida Salazar

About Me

This will be my second year teaching, and my first year at MTHS teaching World History! Before earning my M.Ed. in Special Education and Education Specialist credential, I was a waitress for 13 years. I am very thankful for this experience as it taught me resilience and the importance of teamwork and communication. It also helped increase my listening skills and the ability to prepare for the unexpected. I value creating a comfortable learning atmosphere in my classroom. My goals are to maintain a well structured and nurturing environment where students practice a growth mindset. For example, instead of saying “it’s too hard” or “I can’t,” they’ll tell themselves that it will take effort and will understand that they can train their brain. I chose to be a teacher because I want to build self-efficacy in my students. I want my students to feel confident in their abilities and for them to realize that they CAN overcome obstacles. 
When I am not working, I enjoy relaxing in my backyard, watering my plants, and going hiking and on car rides with my husband and dog. My favorite place in the world is my home, as it has all my favorite people, pets, and things! 

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