"Home of the Toros"
Joseph Coppola

About Me

Growing up in poverty in Central, CA I learned to work hard picking grapes & mowing lawns. I struggled in K-12 with multiple undiagnosed learning disabilities but the heat of working outside was the motivation I needed to become the 1st in my family to attend college. I earned a Bachelor’s working as an EMT, a Master’s and a Teaching Credential from FPU in healthcare, business finance, sales & marketing. I’ve been an educator since 1998; primarily as a college dean & campus president. In 2016, wanting more family time, I started teaching at MHS. I’ve spent 5 years at MSHS and in 2021 became a proud Toro. I’m passionate about teaching medicine but my real job is to teach students they are invaluable! Consequently, they can accomplish far more than they imagine. If I can do it, every one of them can too! More than the privilege of teaching, my greatest loves are my wife and 3 children.

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