"Home of the Toros"
Christopher Santiago

About Me

My name is Mr. Christopher Santiago. Prior to working in education, I worked at a group home that houses male juveniles. I worked at the group home for 6 years and while working there I grew passionate about teaching. My first job in education was at Chowchilla Union High School where I worked as a paraprofessional. After a year at Chowchilla, I applied to work for MUSD and was offered to teach U.S. History at Madera South High School. I taught for 4 years at Madera South before becoming a Toro. At Madera South, I was blessed to be a part of the boys’ volleyball program for one year as an assistant coach. The boys won 2 tournaments and the CIF division 2 valley championship. As a coaching staff, we would always tell the boys to, “try your best at all times. In doing so, you will be satisfied with the end result.” This saying is what drives me every day as a teacher and an individual altogether. When I am not working I like to hang out with my wife and kids. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have always inspired me. These two gentlemen were never satisfied with being average, or almost making it. Every day they worked at perfecting their craft for the purpose of meeting their own personal goals. My favorite place in the world is an ocean that has crystal clear waters ( I need to be able to see what is swimming in the ocean with me). One thing I am really passionate about is my family’s success stories. One day I hope to write the story of my family and how they were able to make nothing into something. When I was in high school, history and life sciences were my favorite subjects, and this year I get to teacher 3 history classes and living earth.

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