"Home of the Toros"
Sara Bonilla
Head Counselor

Office Location: A Building
(559) 416-5909 Ext. 43021

About Me

I have lived in Madera all my life. My favorite subject growing up was music, I was in Band from elementary through my 1st year of college, making lifelong friends, through music I understood the importance of working together. I completed my Masters in Education, Counseling, with a P.P.S., at CSU, Fresno.  I started my career at MLK, Jr. Middle School and value the 10 years of experience I gained. I have worked at Madera South High School for the last 4 years and I am excited to enter my 14th year in education at Matilda Torres High School. I am inspired by my students’ perseverance through trying times, balancing life’s obstacles at home, and still placing education 1st. The best piece of advice I have been gifted is to make sure to take time for myself each day and to remember each day is a chance for a new beginning.

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