Silvia Dector


About Me

Silvia Dector is joining the Toro family as our new Spanish Teacher. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish from Fresno State where she continued on to receive her Teaching Credential in Spanish. Before joining the Toro family, she was the Itinerant Spanish Teacher for Jack G. Desmond and Martin Luther King Middle School. She completed her student teaching at Golden West High School and Hanford West High School, where she discovered that building relationships with her students is the most rewarding part of being an educator. The best piece of advice she’s ever received and lived by is that “You can do anything you set your mind to”. She truly believes that no one or anything can stand in your way besides yourself. When she is not working, she loves taking trips to the beach, starting small craft projects, or some retail therapy. Miss Dector’s biggest inspiration comes from her mother, she learned from her to always think positive, enjoy every moment, and never give up. She’s her inspiration to continue working hard every single day, with a smile on her face. Her favorite place in the world is anywhere, as long as she is surrounded by those she loves. She is looking forward to the start of a great adventure, having fun, and making memories with her students.