"Home of the Toros"
Vernon Valmonte

About Me

I have been teaching various subjects at Madera High School since 2005. Subjects ranged from Industrial Technologies to Drafting and web design, and even a few classes of Home Economics. I’ve coached over 14 years of Volleyball, 2 years of golf and I am the advisor for The World Champion Team 1323 MadTown Robotics. The best advice I was ever given was “If you want to achieve great things, you have to put in the work to attain them.”

My favorite activities are snowboarding, longboarding, bodyboarding, skydiving, video games, building stuff, and hanging out with my family. I have built an R2-D2 as well as Mandalorian Armor cause why not. 

I hope to share my knowledge with my students so they can find the joy in building and making things.

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