"Hogar de los Toros"
Gabriella Faria-Lopez

Acerca de mí

My name is Gabby Faria-Lopez. This is my 6th year teaching Chemistry at the secondary level and my 15th year teaching, total. I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I get to come to work and do my dream job. Inspiring our youth in science is my passion. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Education. My emphasis is in the generation of scientific literacy in English Language Learning communities. My goal is to spark my students’ natural curiosity through engaging phenomena and activities. I am currently working on my administrative credential and Master’s in educational leadership. I am driven by my desire to see my students’ success and happiness in addition to my own family’s. My two favorite places in the whole world are my classroom and anywhere my husband and son are. I live by the words of Marcus Aurelius and wholeheartedly believe that the ‘happiness of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts.

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